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Hey, Rob Swanson here, CEO of Real American Wealth...

I appreciate you jumping onto our VIP passive investor list.

I'll have someone on my team give you a call, talk to you about your passive income goals and help you find properties to fit your needs.

As an experienced real estate investment turn-key operator, we specialize in helping passive investors maximize cash flow.

The investors that work with us range in age, goals and available starting capital coming from many different sources including cash, lines of credit, IRA, 401k and other retirement accounts.

As a passive investor, the opportunities to maximize your cash flow and overall portfolio are numerous.  Buying turn-key rentals, while it's the most commonly known, is just one opportunity to create passive income.

Our plan is simple and that is to listen to you, hear your goals and help you find the right way to maximize your cash flow and grow your portfolio in the shortest time amount of time.

Whether you have 30 years, 20 years, 10 years or less to hit your personal income and cash flow goals, we look forward to helping you put a plan in place.

So, my team will give you a call.

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Rob Swanson, CEO
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