How to Take Pictures and Videos of Houses and Get PAID!!!

Below are the instructions for how to make some $$$ from visiting houses and taking photos and videos of them. Please follow the instructions below, and we'll get you started right away!!!


Step 1: Get an iPhone

We have found that our system works best with iPhones. Unfortunately, Androids cause more problems that they're worth. Simply put, you MUST have an iPhone to accomplish this task.

Step 2: Get a Car

It doesn’t have to be your car…just any car that will allow you to drive miles to visit the houses we send you to.


Step 3: Download the Dropbox app

This app will allow you to easily upload your photos and videos to a shared folder with us.

Find it in the app store

Step 4: Watch the How to Take Photos of the House

Tips for Taking Outside Pictures

  • Photograph 3 angles of the house
  • Take pictures of the surrounding houses from the view of the front yard
  • Photograph the Backyard
  • Take pictures of the sides of the House

Tips for Taking Inside Pictures

  • Take pictures of every corner, from every corner
  • Photograph the Ceiling
  • Photograph the Floor
  • Make sure to find and take pictures of the furnace, water heater, electric panel, A/C, (utilities)

Step 6: Watch the How to take Videos of the Houses

Step 7: Request Your Customized Dropbox Folder

Once you have gone through the training and have seen every video, call or email us back to request a custom Dropbox folder. The folder will allow you to easily add all of the photos and videos in a shared folder with us.

Step 8: How to upload photos and videos to Dropbox

  • Download Dropbox app
  • Receive Custom Folder
  • Go to Your Name
  • Create New Folder
  • Upload and notify

Step 9: Get Started and Get PAID!!!

Now you're ready to get started. For each house lead you document, you will be paid $25!!!

We will notify you on what houses to visit and document.

Warning: The houses you visit may or may not be in the best condition. Be sure that you would be okay with stepping over trash and furniture to acquire the photos we need.