How to Find Vacant Houses and Get PAID!!!

Below are the instructions for how to make some $$$ driving for vacant houses in your area. Please follow the instructions below, and we'll get you started right away!!!


Step 1: Get an iPhone

We have found that our system works best with iPhones. Unfortunately, Androids cause more problems that they're worth. Simply put, you must have an iPhone to accomplish this task.

Step 2: Get a Car

Though you might be able to find vacant houses on foot…it’s a whole lot easier to do so with a car. It doesn’t have to be your car…just any car that will allow you to drive miles and miles looking for vacant houses.

Step 3: Download the Homesnap App

This app is the primary way you can send us addresses of vacant houses.

Download Homesnap App HERE

Step 4: Watch the Homesnap Instructions Video

Step 5: Learn How to Spot Vacant Houses

Once you tune your eye into looking for vacant houses, you’ll be able to notice them almost instantly. Below are some characteristics of vacant houses:

  • Overgrown yard
  • High weeds
  • Advertisements remaining on the house (door hangers, flyers, etc.)
  • No furniture seen through the window (stay in your car!)
  • House needs repair (paint, concrete, etc.)
  • Boarded up windows
  • Graffiti

Step 6: Watch the How to Find Vacant Houses Video

Step 7: Request Your Customized Freedomsoft Tracking Email Address

Once you’ve gone though the training and want to start searching for vacant  houses, we will give you a customized freedomsoft tracking email address. This is the email address to send all vacant house addresses from the Homesnap App. By sending them to this customized email address, it will track how many addresses you have sent and therefore how much you will get paid.

To request a customized freedomsoft tracking email simply email [email protected]

Step 8: Receive Your Driving Area Map

You will be designated a specific area on the map in your market to drive up and down each street. WE NEED YOU TO DRIVE EVERY STREET!!! North and South…East and West….every single street in your driving area. You’ll need to be vigilant to locate vacant houses on these streets. Below is an example of a Driving Area Map.

Sample Driving Area Map

Step 9: Get Started and Get PAID!!!

Now you're ready to get started. For each verified vacant house lead, you will be paid $3!!! 

If you get us 100 vacant house leads…you’ll get $300…pretty simple. We the same business day.

Below is the criteria for what qualifies as a verified vacant house lead:

  • It’s vacant!!!
  • Not listed with a Realtor
  • Not occupied by a tenant
  • Not already on our list (we won’t send you to places that have already been driven in the last year)