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Dear fellow real estate investor,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Rob Swanson.

In my 12+ year career as a real estate investor I've bought, sold, flipped and funded hundreds of houses...

Like you, I like to make money without breaking my back in the process.

I live the life I want to live because I've found a few shortcuts to get the money I need to fund my real estate business.

Are You Ready To See How I Find Millions In Private Money With Ease?

At one time I slogged it out in the trenches just like you’re doing.

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The truth is, I don’t do things the hard way anymore….

In fact, after 12+ years in the business I've picked up more than my fair share of tricks, tips and tactics that most aren't willing to share.

I guess you could say I've got things figured out.

I've taught thousands of real estate investors that have invested thousands of dollars to hear me speak and learn what I know.

Why did they do it?

Here are just some of the reasons why:

6To close on great real estate deals every time and never worry about having the cash...

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6Become the BREAD-WINNER you know your family needs and deserves...

My SYSTEMS have been the "go-to" training for many of the top real estate investors across the United States.

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Truth is, these systems have never before been offered together because normally, I only share these packages during my live seminars or with my coaching students.

Over the past few years I've received quite a few emails asking me to bundle up my private money systems and make everything available at an affordable price.

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In the spirit of enterprise and frankly, just to offer you a generous gift, I've done it for you...

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Since it’s getting close to fall and change is in the air, I've decided to answer those requests for my private money secrets.

I've decided to offer, for the first time ever, all three of my Premier Private Money Getting Systems in one COMPLETE package.

This is everything you need to know about getting private money.

ArrowRedWhat it is.

ArrowRedWhere to find it.

ArrowRedWho has it. How to get it.

ArrowRedWhat to do with it.

ArrowRedAnd all the tricks of the trade that I've been using for well over a decade…

It’s part of my Back To School Private Money Blowout SUPERSALE.

Available in the Private Money Blowout SUPERSALEis my complete collection of every 100% LEGAL sneaky strategy I've used to get private money.

The Private Money Blowout SUPERSALE is the most valuable offer any real estate investor could ever get access to when it comes to finding millions in private money fast.

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That’s why if you've ever:

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You’ll Be Amazed How Easy It Is To Get Private Money With These Easy To Use Techniques.

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The fact is if you’re having a difficult time locating and securing private financing, you’re probably doing something wrong.

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My Private Money Blowout SUPERSALE covers all the bases when it comes to finding and securing private money.

Whether it’s learning how to locate private money within minutes, or it’s teaching you how to close big time deals, the information available in the Private Money Blowout SUPERSALE will help you access millions in minutes.

The ability to magnetize private money to your real estate business means you’ll finally be able to become financially free.

And plenty of regular people just like you have used these same secrets to make millions.

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Instant Private Lenders

Instant Private Lenders get’s you to the head of the line in a market where most real estate investors can’t even pinch two pennies of private money together.

I created Instant Private Lenders when I realized I could no longer depend on the traditional sources of private money.

  • No pre-sorted lists to deal with.
  • No more repackaged and re-purposed garbage info.
  • No more beating my head against the wall because I couldn't make cash materialize.

What was one of the biggest breakthroughs in my personal business can now be yours.

You see, my real life experience is what makes this better than any “guru’s” best kept secrets. When you need cash NOW, the tried and true methods inside of Instant Private Lenders will help you find the private money you need to get the job done.

Instant Private Lenders 
helps you:

Find Private Lenders Fast. When you access Instant Private Lenders I’ll give you my shortcut to finding lenders who want to do business with you and who will give you the money with no cash from you, no credit check and regardless of experience.

Don’t beat the same bushes everyone else does any longer.

Prove Your Credibility Instantly. The fact is, if you can’t get a lender to feel comfortable working with you, you’ll never get the money you need. Inside, I teach you how to prove yourself credible, even if you’re brand new to flipping houses or have made mistakes in the past.

Get Money ASAP. Sometimes you need money and you need it in a crunch. I’ll show you the exact, step-by-step process I use to get my projects funded FAST.

This formula has helped me find $3,724,334 CASH in less than an hour.

Even better, it helped put millions more at my fingertips for all my real estate deals.

It truly works like a charm, and it can work for you once you know the strategies I use.

Instant Private Lenders is the exact tool you need to pump your investing business full of cash.

If you don’t have the time to wait…

If you’re done working with banks…

If you’re tired of looking at doctors lists, CD holders, IRA accounts and if there’s no way going to friends and family is going to work…

Then Instant Private Lenders is the exact thing you need to step your business up a notch.

And just like Chris (who sent me the message above), you could be on your way to finding gobs of private money by this time next week. It’s sitting right under your nose, you just have to go get it...

Instant Private Lenders includes:

ArrowRedRightStep-By-Step Planning Guide—value $97.00

ArrowRedRightInstant Credibility Kit (without even needing a kit -- worth it alone)—value $197.00

ArrowRedRightInstant Lenders Video Training –value $297.00 (step by step instruction)

The VALUE of Instant Private Lenders is easily $591.00.

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Raising Private Money Mastery

The Raising Private Money Mastery system teaches you exactly how to get more private money in a week than you’ve seen in your life.

Raising Private Money Mastery contains the secrets that could help you net millions in private money within just a few hours by following the step-by step instructions.

Inside I help you painlessly build a plan to attract Private Lenders with cold, hard cash to your business.

When I initially released this system, good folks like you were paying $832.00 for all the information inside.

But, as you’ve figured out, TODAY you’re not going to pay anywhere near that to get access to EVERYTHING.

Raising Private Money Mastery includes:

ArrowRedRight2+ hours of “How To” audio training – value $97.00

ArrowRedRighthours of “Step By Step” video instruction – value $197.00

ArrowRedRightThe “Newbie Investor” Success With Private Money Interview. – value $47.00

ArrowRedRightMy Secret 26 Page Private Lender Report – value $197.00

ArrowRedRight2 Editable Private Money Promissory Notes (download and use) – value $197.00

ArrowRedRightThe Cash Magnets System (Attract Private Money) – value $97.00
Truthfully this is single-handedly one of the most important training systems I’ve ever developed for funding all my deals.

My students agree.

And it can be yours today simply by taking advantage of my ridiculously generous Private Money Blowout SUPERSALE

Raising Private Money Mastery breaks down the essential parts of finding and negotiating for private money. You’ll learn exactly how to put your private money program together so that private lenders want to give you money.

You’ll learn what they and what they hate (most trainings teach the wrong things).

After following my easy to use methods you’ll know:

ArrowRedHow to frame your conversation with private lenders…you’ll learn the exact steps I use to control the conversation for amazing results. Coming to the table without this information can cost you 6 figures in the blink of an eye!

ArrowRedHow to use my killer scripts you can follow which will get the ball rolling and help you get the cash you need. My simple Q&A Guide helps you use these scripts to seal-the-deal no matter the market, the price, or the meeting.

ArrowRedHow to eliminate payments for good! You’ll have direct access to the paperwork and note clauses I use day-to-day in my business. The way I write my paperwork eliminates ever having to make payments again. Hello cash flow, goodbye Hard Money.

ArrowRedWhich “Clueless clauses,” to use. The clauses you can use to increase the amount private money lenders will give to you. This simple technique will increase the cash you have available by up to 73%...

ArrowRedHow to use my 2 Promissory notes to make Easy Way Out “payment”, “rent” and “flip” clauses which you can use to convince lenders you’re the right person to do lend money to.

ArrowRedHow to find private lenders money in a flash. I’ll even help you remove all of the anxiety about finding cash lenders by giving you the simple, step-by-step formula I use to move hundreds of properties a year.

ArrowRedHow to create payment schedules which will line your pockets with cash and eliminate uncertainty for your private moneylenders. This little piece of info is worth instant thousands.
All this and muchmuch more…

Now at this point if you thought the Private Money Blowout SUPERSALE was a great deal, you’re in for an even bigger surprise.

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It’s time to reveal my BLOWOUT BONUS...

That’s right, this deal’s about to become to good to be true because I’m including my $2,497 Complete Private Money Cash Flow System in this crazy sale!

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The Complete Private Money Cash Flow System

My Complete Private Money Cash Flow System is the most comprehensive system on private money I’ve ever created.

Originally $2,497, this 6 MODULE SYSTEM has only made it into the hands of a very select few people.

But as part of my Private Money Blowout SUPERSALEit’s yours when you take advantage of the limited time offer RIGHT NOW.

The Complete Private Money Cash Flow System teaches you how to bring in boatloads of private money and how to set your business up to attract millions in private money.

This program is guaranteed to give you a system you can follow to create regular, repeatable cash flow.

These 6 MODULES are jam-packed with over 8 hours of experience-based training so you don’t get stuck listening to “theory”, this is real-world information you can copy to put your business in the fast lane in no time.

Inside of The Complete Private Money Cash Flow System:

Module #1: Program Principles

This module helps you get a true understanding of working with private lenders by giving you a inside look into their wants and their needs.You’ll learn how to develop a program that lenders will like and a presentation they’ll trust so get you the cash.This module helps you set the groundwork for everything.





Module #2: Copy And Paste Private Lender Attraction

In this Module, I teach you how to build your business exactly how I built mine.Part of the reason people can’t find private lenders is they keep taking blind stabs in the dark.I’ll show how exactly how to arrange your business in a way where you naturally attract private lenders for a lifetime of success.These are the exact same steps I used to develop a network of millions in private money.And I’m giving you the exact blueprint for how I built a business where I don’t have to work hard to find private money any more.Just set-up and copy what I’ve done. As soon as you see what I do, you’ll realize why your approach isn’t working.


Module #3: The Attraction Marketing Plan

This gives you my step-by-step approach to attracting private money.Since you can’t legally advertise or solicit publicly for private money this information is priceless for those who want to get private money that others can’t find.It’s your path to pocketing millions. When you set this attraction marketing plan into action, you’ll never wonder how to get private money again.




Module #4: Meetings Into MoneyWhen you meet with private lenders, what you say, matters.Inside this module I’ll talk you through an actual private lender meeting. This is PRICELESS.I’ll teach you exactly what you need to say when meeting with these high-powered individuals and you you’ll see just how and when to say it.Sit back and listen as I deliver your entire script.It’s like being a fly on the wall as I take you through a live investor meeting.And even though you get the exact scripts and transcripts you need to seal the deal…simply soaking this information up will make it look like you’ve been snapping up private money your whole life. Just wait.



Module #5: Making Your Move On Millions

Here I allow you to peek over my shoulder as I use a clever and little-used strategy to find private lenders. I’ll teach you my exact method to locating lenders without spending a dime and how to supercharge everything.You’ll learn the 5 important filters you need to locate private money, which will result in you having access to millions in private money in as little as 24 hours.




Module #6: Creating Massive, Regular Cash Flow

After moving through Module 6 you’ll be on your way to securing consistent monthly cash flow which will easily replace your current income.This is where the money’s made and it doesn’t matter your experience, your market, whether you’re doing buy-or-hold or fix-and-flip because this is where the rubber meets the road.I’ll teach you how to structure your deals so you get paid on closing, after close, and after you flip each deal!You’ll learn 4+ underutilized ways to PROFIT on every deal and how you can increase your “profit per deal” by an extra 32%. And you Private Lenders will be happy about it.The value of this MODULE is worth you investing in the SUPERSALE alone.

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Remember, if you’d like this information in the future consider setting a few thousand aside for a plane ticket, hotel room, and seminar fee to get it from me.

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ArrowRedHours of live audio and video training.

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ArrowRedEverything you need to know to find private money in moments, not months.

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Only $40

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I'll Take The Risk & You Get A 100% No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure that you’ll be thrilled with your small investment today that I’m giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee

MY PROMISE TO YOU: If for ANY REASON you are not completely convinced that the strategies you’ll learn and the tools and resources I share inside my 3 Best Selling Private Money Getting Systems will help you get the money you need for your real estate investing business, you can have your money back.

Heck even if you just don’t like the color of the instant access download and secure members area, or you don’t like the sound of my voice, just let us know anytime in the next 30 days for a full, prompt refund. I don’t want there to be any reason not to try my system today.

All I ask is that you give it a fair shot. It costs me just to process your order today but I’m willing to take that risk because I know that if you give a real chance, this works for everyone, including you (even if you’ve failed before).

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For less than you’d pay for a night out at a nice restaurant you can get access to thousands of dollars worth of information that is literally guaranteed to grow your business explosively.

Say goodbye to banks and hard money and SAY GOODBYE to missing out on deals because inside of the information you can learn from the Private Money Blowout SUPERSALE will teach you how to:

ArrowRedProve your credibility in hours, not days or months.

ArrowRedFind private lenders in the blink of an eye.

ArrowRedGet cash instantly.

ArrowRedClose deals like a seasoned pro.

And much, much more.

Remember these strategies work regardless of location, experience or even past failure.

Inside you’ll get the blueprint to building positive cash flow without ever having to put a single dime of your own money into a deal again.

Ignoring This Incredible Deal Will Be One Of The Worst Decisions You've Ever Made!

Consider this.

I’m the kind of guy who wants to make sure the information I offering you is the highest quality you can get.

If you can find better instruction, better value, and access to some of the most privileged info in the industry then I’ll gladly give you your money back.

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If for any strange reason you’re not satisfied with what you decided to purchase, I’ll honor my guarantee, no questions asked.

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