Turn-key Rentals, Private Money & Owner-Financing for Real Estate Investing

Hey it’s Rob Swanson here WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. It’s a Facebook live video I recorded where I cover 4 CASH FLOW real estate investing strategies that you can copy…

I cover in depth:
(1) the failures of traditionally financed rentals (you don’t want to do this)
(2) how to use turn-key rental cash flow to buy a property a year to build your wealth
(3) how to buy rentals using owner-financing and a seller note and create an extra 11.13% ROI
(4) how to use owner-financing to create a near $168,000 profit on a $60,000 house

In each scenario, you’ll learn how you can stack multiple double-digit returns (11%+) on every property deal you do. When people, even experienced real estate investors tell me it’s hard to create double digit residual cash flow returns…I just chuckle and send them this video.

For MOST PEOPLE, this video will blow your mind

Enjoy, take notes and let me what you think in the comments below.