Virtual Real Estate Investing

Virtual Real Estate Investing | New City, 88 Leads, 4 Days, 1 Contract

So many people say it can’t be done…BUT:

I just launched my real estate business into a new city last weekend and here’s what happened:

1 – Picked the city on Friday afternoon
2 – Launched our lead generation on Saturday
3 – Had 46 leads Monday AM
4 – Started working deals
5 – Made 4 written offers by Tuesday
6 – Over 88 leads by Wednesday AM
7 – Got our first signed contract back in the new city by noon on Wednesday

That’s all pretty normal for me.

…here’s what many would say can’t be done.  [chuckle chuckle]

The contract is to buy a brand new waterfront house with a dock, NO MONEY DOWN with seller financing and a whopping $10 deposit.

This is the stuff infomercials are made of, but in reality, it’s the stuff that really works if you have the knowledge and take action. It only took me 4 days.

I have the signed contract in my account as I type.

Now, let’s go sell it and cash in, should be about a $20,000 +/- profit.

What do you think of that?

If you want to learn how to do this, I’m teaching a 3 day class in Denver at the end of March 2017.  Click here for details