Virtual Real Estate Investing

Virtual Real Estate Investing | New City, 88 Leads, 4 Days, 1 Contract

So many people say it can’t be done…BUT: I just launched my real estate business into a new city last weekend and here’s what happened: 1 – Picked the city on Friday afternoon 2 – Launched our lead generation on Saturday 3 – Had 46 leads Monday AM 4 – Started working deals 5 –…

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Flip Houses or Buy for Passive Income

Flipping Houses or Passive Income Real Estate Investing?

So the other day, I posted on Facebook the following question: “In the next year…if you could (1) Flip 10 houses and make $500K or (2) Buy 10 houses that would pay you $2,000 each at closing and make you $8,500 a month… Which would you do?” That question almost immediately when CRAZY with over…

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Flipping Houses | Rehabbing | How To Find The Right Contractor | Rob Swanson

      Hey, Rob Swanson here and in this training I want to cover a few of the strategies we use to overcome one of the most common fears people have when thinking about flipping houses or rehabbing: How To Find A Good Residential Contractor. We’ve found there are 10 things you should consider,…

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