Kaizen | Rob Swanson’s Real Estate Investing Secret To Success

YOU HAVE TO READ THIS FIRST (and listen to the recording below) Hey, Rob Swanson here…Do you ever swing your feet to the side of the bed on Monday morning, touch the floor and ask yourself…”What do I need to be doing today to be successful as a real estate investor?” Years ago I remember…

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Virtual Real Estate Investing

Virtual Real Estate Investing | New City, 88 Leads, 4 Days, 1 Contract

So many people say it can’t be done…BUT: I just launched my real estate business into a new city last weekend and here’s what happened: 1 – Picked the city on Friday afternoon 2 – Launched our lead generation on Saturday 3 – Had 46 leads Monday AM 4 – Started working deals 5 –…

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