Return Direct Mail For Real Estate Investors

6 Steps To Turn “Return Mail” Into Real Estate Investor Deals | Rob Swanson

Here are 6 steps my team uses to turn our RETURNED Direct Mail into deals… You’ve already spend the money to buy or build the list, you’ve spend the money to send your direct mail…so why would you ignore the mail that comes back?  Well, from today forward…you won’t.

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Direct Mail for Real Estate Investors

Rob Swanson on Direct Mail For Real Estate Investors

I’ve mailed hundreds of thousands of direct mail pieces to real estate sellers since early 2000.  Here are a couple reasons I know my direct mail campaigns almost always convert higher than my competition. Which part of this do you think is the most important? . To learn more about the Handwritten Postcard System, click here…

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Kaizen | Rob Swanson’s Real Estate Investing Secret To Success

YOU HAVE TO READ THIS FIRST (and listen to the recording below) Hey, Rob Swanson here…Do you ever swing your feet to the side of the bed on Monday morning, touch the floor and ask yourself…”What do I need to be doing today to be successful as a real estate investor?” Years ago I remember…

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Virtual Real Estate Investing

Virtual Real Estate Investing | New City, 88 Leads, 4 Days, 1 Contract

So many people say it can’t be done…BUT: I just launched my real estate business into a new city last weekend and here’s what happened: 1 – Picked the city on Friday afternoon 2 – Launched our lead generation on Saturday 3 – Had 46 leads Monday AM 4 – Started working deals 5 –…

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How To Turn A $178K House Into An $800K Profit


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Turn-key Rentals, Private Money & Owner-Financing for Real Estate Investing

Hey it’s Rob Swanson here WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. It’s a Facebook live video I recorded where I cover 4 CASH FLOW real estate investing strategies that you can copy… I cover in depth: (1) the failures of traditionally financed rentals (you don’t want to do this) (2) how to use turn-key rental cash flow…

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Flip Houses or Buy for Passive Income

Flipping Houses or Passive Income Real Estate Investing?

So the other day, I posted on Facebook the following question: “In the next year…if you could (1) Flip 10 houses and make $500K or (2) Buy 10 houses that would pay you $2,000 each at closing and make you $8,500 a month… Which would you do?” That question almost immediately when CRAZY with over…

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Are Residual Income and Passive Income The Same?

So I hear real estate investors and entrepreneurs ALL THE TIME talk about residual and passive income.  And, they usually use these words interchangeably in the same sentence. The problem with that is that they are NOT the same thing. This misunderstanding leads to something I call this the Entrepreneurs TRAP (you’ll see why below).…

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Flipping Houses | Rehabbing | How To Find The Right Contractor | Rob Swanson

      Hey, Rob Swanson here and in this training I want to cover a few of the strategies we use to overcome one of the most common fears people have when thinking about flipping houses or rehabbing: How To Find A Good Residential Contractor. We’ve found there are 10 things you should consider,…

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